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Knights in Shining Armor Promise: To Help You with Clear Car Advice, On Time, Every Time


Leave the Confusion and Frustrations Related to Car Repair Behind You Forever

The Extreme Auto Car Experience

Financial Uncertainty

Pay by Priority

Only pay for what you need, in the order that matters to your cars Safety and Reliability.

Unplanned Expenses

The stress of unexpected costs and unclear pricing. 


Constant Updates

Stay in the loop throughout the process, making day planning easier.

Left in the Dark

The frustration of not being kept updated during the repair process.

Who Can You Trust?

Trusted Car Team

A go-to team for literally any car-related query you have.

Lack of Trust

The uncertainty of not having a reliable team to answer your car questions.


Giving back to the community

You make a real difference in a local foster child's life by using our services. 

Just Another Transaction

The feeling that your money isn't making a difference in the community.

Make the Right Decision

Know Your Car's Needs

Gain precise insights into what your car actually requires.

Confusing Choices

The overwhelm of not knowing what repairs are actually necessary.

Loyalty Benefits

VIP Experience

Earn benefits like priority booking, predictive car management, and alternate transport options.

Just a Number

The disappointment of not receiving any perks despite being a loyal repeat customer.

Repair Shop Reviews

I've gone there twice for repairs and they have been absolutely incredible! Both times, they let me use their shuttle service, which quickly and safely took me home while they started the repairs and then picked me up from my house to go back to the shop to pick up my car!

They're incredibly kind, communicative, helpful, and just all around amazing. I don't think I'll go anywhere else again tbh. If I could give more stars, I would! -Jesse Young

Colton was the one that helped me but everyone there was extremely nice. The best service I've gotten at a mechanic shop. Colton helped me fix my truck twice and got it done within the time frame I needed to go on vacation. Amazing work, amazing people! 10/10 recommend.- Billie Butcher

Extreme Auto Group has been my family's go to mechanic for over 20 years. They are honest, reliable, have pretty great prices, and go above & beyond to make things right if something doesn't meet expectations...Any time I need work done on my car I will bring it here for sure.- Merissa Rawlings



No Sticker Shock

Enjoy competitive pricing that respects your budget.

Sticker Shock

Tires can be expensive, especially high-quality or specialized ones.


Cut Through the Noise

Easily find the best tire options tailored for you.

Too Many Options

The variety of brands, types, and sizes can be overwhelming.


Zero Hidden Fees

Know all costs upfront, leaving no room for surprises.

Hidden Fees

Installation costs, disposal fees, and other add-ons can surprise buyers

Sales pressure

Your Choice, Your Pace

You make a real difference in a local foster child's life by using our services. 

Upselling Tactics

Some shops push for more expensive options or additional services.

The Knowledge gap

Jargon Demystified

Understand all you need to know to make the best choice for your tires.

Confusing Choices

Terms like tread, load index, and speed rating can be confusing.

Tire Shop Reviews

Just want to say thanks to these guys. Had a flat tire on my way home and was unable to put the spare on due to the lug wrench missing from the kit. I asked if I could borrow a wrench and they just went a head and swapped the spare on for me. All just before closing time. Thanks guys. You're awesome! - Cameron Salisbury

Extreme Auto is a great place to get any service done on your vehicle. I have been going there with all my vehicles since Justin got into the business. I have always had great service and a very fair price. Now that they have tires I just purchased a set and I am very happy with the price and the service. Richard was great to work with. I highly recommend Extreme Auto for any of your auto needs.- Kent Seely

Chad is great to cover all of the details of your repairs. In my case 6 tires for my dually work truck. With the help of Carson we were able to select tires for my work truck that I love! Will never go anywhere else. I'll be back for a set of wheels soon. Thank you gentleman.- Blake Jenkins

Utilize Extended Warranties

Maximize your extended warranty with us! We're the experts in navigating the fine print and third-party quirks—no matter where you purchased your plan. Avoid the loopholes and get the full value you deserve!


Complexity & Fine Print

Clear Terms

Understand exactly what's covered and what's not, thanks to transparent terms. We will fight your car warranty for you regardless if you bought it with us our not.

Hidden Traps

The terms can be confusing, leaving you unsure of what's actually covered. Other Auto shops will often push off the hassle and not advocate for your pre-purchased warranty plan. 

Limited Utility

No Wasted Investment

Use your plan as much as possible. Avoid paying out of pocket on repairs you are covered for. 

Rarely Used

Many find they never use the warranty, feeling like it's wasted money.

Third-party issues

Reliable Coverage

Rely on coverage that's as dependable as any manufacturer's warranty.

Trust Gaps

If it's not from the manufacturer, there's skepticism about the reliability of the coverage.

Exclusions & Loopholes

Comprehensive Protection

Benefit from a plan that leaves no room for frustrating exclusions or loopholes.

Not Fully Covered

Discovering that certain repairs aren't included can be frustrating.

Extended Warranty Reviews

Extreme is simply the best. I've taken cars to them for the last 5 years. They are honest and upfront about repairs and will warranty repairs without a fuss. I have also bought a car and they helped me find a second car even though I didn't end up buying one from them. Colton still took the time to do a pre-purchase inspection from another dealership so he could "help us find a good car." That's why I will never go anywhere else for my cars.- James Frankowski

We love Extreme Auto. Have been using them for years. They take great care of our vehicles and always let us know what maintenance needs to be done or problems to be fixed. They never pressure us to do anything. They are honest and up front with all they do. We feel they are reasonably priced with all their services. We have never had a problem with any service they have preformed for us. They always go the extra mile. We won't go anywhere else. We would recommend them to anyone.- Lynette Sunday

Nice quick service, they are great priced and super awesome about communicating with you. When I need my vehicle serviced I'll take it there every time- Melani Smith

Gold, Gold Plus & Platinum

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